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Serving our Refugee Family 

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Christ the King is grateful for its partnership with the Lutheran Trio to help sponsor and support an Afghan refugee family resettling in Northern Virginia. Respecting their privacy and LSSNCA requirements, information about them is limited. We can share that there is a father and mother, plus their young daughter and son.

For months, our father has been helping other Afghan refugees awaiting permanent resettlement housing and other assistance, under a contract with the federal government at the National Conference Center in Leesburg.  As that program wound down, he searched for long-term employment and decided his best option was to become a commercial truck driver.

CtK, King of Kings and Community Lutheran agreed to pay the full cost of his month-long hands-on and online training program so he would be eligible for jobs that would enable him to support his family.  Under our agreement with Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area, The Lutheran Trio has been paying for our family’s monthly rent of an apartment in Loudon County, plus all utilities, but our financial support is ending.


Our father is eager to become self-sufficient as the family settles into life in Northern Virginia and appreciates everything that The Lutheran Trio has done.  You can help in this endeavor by attending the horn, piano, and vocal concert at CtK in September and encouraging your friends, family, and neighbors to do so as well!

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