Supporting Our Refugee Family
moving refugee.jpeg

In an answer to our prayers, the Lutheran Trio this week was matched with an Afghan refugee family of four people (father, mother, and their young daughter and son).

Respecting their privacy and LSSNCA requirements, information about them will be limited for now, but we will share more as we are allowed.

As we enter a new year, prayerfully consider various ways you can support and assist our Afghan refugee family to enable them the parents and their two children (the older of whom should be starting elementary school in January) to adjust to life in Northern Virginia and eventually become self-sustaining.

If you are interested in spending some time with them, in-person, virtually or both, please sign up engage the parents in English language discussions (they plan to being English as a Second Language courses in January), drive them to appointments and errands, and/or help them negotiate various services they need. Here’s the Sign Up Genius link:

Our family also still needs some items for their apartment and would appreciate your donations or gift cards so they can make purchases themselves. The Sign Up Genius for that is:


Please leave items in the bins in the Narthex (or gift cards in the church office, Witness and Outreach box). We are trying to deliver items to the family about every other week.

Fortunately, the father has obtained his Virginia driver’s license. But he now needs a car to be able to obtain employment, as the family is living in Loudon County, an area with very limited public transportation. The Lutheran Trio (Christ the King, Community Lutheran and King of Kings) is seeking a used, four-door car, with 100,000 or fewer miles on it. We are pulling together a small but savvy team of car gurus who are reviewing postings of private cars for sale and will examine any potential purchases to determine their roadworthiness and suitability. If you have a car you are willing to sell at a reduced price or know of someone who is, please let Kristine Heine, Joni Holeman, or the CtK office know ASAP!