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Learning for all ages.

Christ the King offers a robust Christian education program for students all ages. All of our Education classes meet from 9:45AM to 11:00AM on Sunday mornings, in between services. All are welcome. See below for an overview of our classes.

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Kids Sunday School

Calling all Pre-school through 5th grade kids! We welcome you all to join us on a journey of faith that will plant seeds for a lifetime.  Our caring, engaging teachers are ready to guide you through the exciting stories of the Bible the way kids learn best --  through engaging activities, interactive games, creative crafts and nurturing relationships.  You'll develop a foundation in the Bible that will support your learning through Christ the King's high school program and beyond.  And you'll foster friendships in small groups with kids your age that will make the adventure fun.  When class is done, grab a friend and head to the playground, play some tetherball, or shoot hoops on the sport court out back.  


Sixth, seventh and eighth graders will learn to challenge, question, dig deeper and develop the tools needed to explore the meaning of scripture today and for the rest of your lives. Engaging conversation, hands-on service opportunities and a vibrant junior high youth group will help you all explore God’s Word, deepen your faith and develop strong Christian relationships that will stay with you through high school and beyond. 

Together, we’ll visit congregations of other faiths, participate in retreats, and connect with God’s people through mission trips, Salvation Army Grate Patrol, and much more. 

Senior High 

In high school? Wonder what the Bible means for your life? Just as Martin Luther asks: “So What Does This Mean?”… That’s the approach that your dedicated team of leaders is going to take as they guide you through your faith journey and Bible Study this year. Join us for music videos, great conversations and an in-depth look at God’s Word, as you take a seat on one of the couches in the senior high lounge….or roast s’mores at the firepit outside.


Adult Forum

A Sunday morning program for adult formation designed so you can come and go as you please. Our current session:

Lutheran Worship and Sacraments

September 11 – October 30

Over these weeks we’ll be expanding the conversation about Lutheran Worship to focus on the central place of the sacraments in our community worship life. Baptism, Holy Communion, and the practice of Confession and Forgiveness shape us and nourish us.

How do the rituals and the elements of water, bread, and wine connect to the mystery of God’s grace? We’ll be discussing everything about our practices and the theology behind them.

Want to learn more?

Any questions -- or interested in joining the teaching team?  Our Sunday School teachers are glad to tell you more about the classes available at Christ the King. Please contact Liz Spoto for more info.

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