Remembering The Rev. Paul Gysan

As was announced last week, Pastor Paul Gysan died in his sleep in the early morning of Tuesday, November 30. Pastor Gysan served Christ the King Lutheran Church from 1993 until his retirement in 2009. Paul and LaVonne touched many lives in the Christ the King and wider Great Falls community. Please keep in your prayers LaVonne, the Gysan family, and all who grieve.

Sixteen years of service in any congregation is a rare blessing; in a forty-year old congregation it means being present for 40% of the community’s life! Even during my first interviews with the call committee in the summer of 2016, I had the strong sense that Paul and LaVonne left a deep mark on the congregation. But it is a credit to him that his legacy is appreciative but not heavy handed.

Services for Pastor Gysan will be held in January; the staff of Christ the King will share what information we can as it comes to us.


As one act of remembrance, we set aside time in the Adult Forum on Sunday, December 5, for people for people to share stories and remembrances. If you are interested in viewing this video (which was recorded via Zoom), please contact Derek Maseloff at with subject line "Gysan video" and you will receive the link.