Each year at this time, it is healthy to evaluate the time, talent and financial

resources available to us at Christ the King. I’m sure everyone will agree we

represent some of the most fortunate people in the country, if not the world.


The Stewardship Committee, working with a Long-range Focus Group, has been assessing the congregation and asking, “Where would CTK like to be in 2025?” Five centers of energy, mission, and ministry have been identified as areas where we want to focus for significant growth and development over the coming years:


In addition to the community-wide fellowship events currently in place, explore “fellowship with a purpose”; fellowship that arises from working together.

Christian character formation

Foster an increased synergy between the

King’s Kids Preschool families, our Sunday School learning programs and

Youth Ministry.


Stay the course, we are doing a great job in this area. Explore new opportunities that may be intergenerational and fun for all involved.


Our traditional worship and music is what draws many new

families. We also want to make worship inviting for young families with

children and youth. And we want to raise the profile of learning and service

in worship through prayer and thematic emphasis.

Word and Sacrament Ministry

Encourage the gifts that Pastor Langknecht brings to the community in the hopes that some initiatives may become long term goals of the congregation.


As we consider our mission and ministry spending for 2020, here are a few thoughts:

  • Christ the King’s current (2019) budget is $514,000.00. That budget directs funds to the programs and ministries of the congregation: Salaries and administrative costs, expenses for programs, building and grounds costs (including a modest mortgage), and support of

  • the work of the Metropolitan DC Synod, the ELCA, and many local and regional charities and programs.

  • Nearly all the money comes from the individuals and households who are active in the community through worship, learning programs, and service activities.

  • King’s Kids Preschool is closely related to and a significant ministry of Christ the King, but maintains its own budget, funded primarily by tuition fees.

  • Members of the community make decisions about whether, how often, and how much to contribute in different ways. Some members tithe, some make electronic contributions and some make weekly contributions.


Whatever you decide about mission support for 2020, we pray that you will continue to be a part of this Christian community. All pledge cards will be gathered on Consecration Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019 (with an “echo

consecration” on Dec. 1 for those traveling before Thanksgiving).

If you need more information before signing up, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

(703) 759-6068,

Your 2019-20 pledge form is now available

Worship time and talent survey

We are all a part of "Giving, growing and sustaning' the gifts we share at Christ the King. We eed your help throughout the year as we gather at the Lord's table. Please complete the Worship Time and Talent Survey so we can know the areas in which you'd like to become involved. Thanks in advance! 

More ways to give


You may mail monetary gifts to the church office: 10550 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, Va., 22066. 

Non-cash gifts of stocks or bonds may be made and we would be happy to discuss other gift planning options that may provide you with tax benefits. Download a template letter to use to assist your financial representative with the transfer of stocks to Christ the King.