Olive Oil Ministry

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Partnering with 26 other congregations from seven denominations in the DMV through the Palestinian Olive Oil Ministry (OOM), CtK sells organic-certified olive oil and artisanal soap, tapenade, and za'atar from the West Bank, plus a cookbook of recipes originating from the Palestinian village of Nahalin.

​Among the projects the Olive Oil Ministry funded during 2021 were:

  • Mobile mammography unit for Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem, serving rural women in the West Bank;

  • Emergency medical supplies to Gaza after Israeli military attacks in April and May;

  • Emergency room monitor at  St. Luke’s Hospital in Nablus;

  • American Near East Refugee Aid (Anera)’s Gaza Food Security Program ;

  • Support for a family garden in Gaza; and,

  • Partial operating costs of the Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington, DC.

For 2022, the Ministry has formed a new olive oil partnership with Playgrounds for Palestine (PfP), an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that donates all its net income to build playgrounds for Palestinian communities in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.

Olives have been a staple of the Palestinian economy, diet and culture for millennia. Because trees bear fruit for several hundred years, they are the ultimate long-term investment for Palestinian farming families. As many as 100,000 families depend to some extent on the olive harvest for their livelihoods. Most Palestinian farmers use traditional, organic methods to care for their olive trees. 

The following products  are available for purchase through CtK’s Olive Oil Ministry:
•    One-half liter bottle of olive oil – Mild (organic-certified from Al’Ard of Nablus) or Zesty (PfP’s organic- and fair trade-certified blend of Rumi-Nabali oil) ($20 each)
•    1 liter tin of mild olive oil ($30 each)
•    130 gram jars of tapenade - either olive or tomato ($7 each)
•    5 ounce bar of Holy Land olive oil soap ($5)
•    Za’atar spice mix—a culinary herb mixed with toasted sesame seeds, dried sumac, salt, and other spices ($6)
•    Cookbook ($10)

How to participate in the Palestinian Olive Oil Ministry


Select the items you want and complete the order form. Include an email address and phone number.

Submit your form, which goes automatically to the Witness and Outreach Committee for fulfillment.

Write a check for the total amount of your order payable to Christ the King Lutheran Church. Be sure to write “Olive Oil Ministry” on the memo line. 

Mail the check to Christ the King or leave your check in the offering plate.  NOTE:  We cannot fulfill your order until we receive your check!

 Witness and Outreach will collect olive oil products from the Palestinian Olive Oil Ministry headquarters in Bethesda and bring them to Christ the King, where they will be placed in bags or boxes marked with the name of each buyer, on a table in the foyer/narthex. Buyers will receive an email when the products are available for pick up.

Fill out the order form and it will submit directly to Kristine Heine.