What worship looks like

Worship under the guidelines and best practices necessitated by

covid-19 will be familiar in some ways and different in others.

Our goal is to resist focusing on the things we can’t do and

to embrace with energy and creativity the things that we can!


We will have liturgy!

Volunteer Bible readers and prayer readers will receive hand-held

microphones so that they can lead us using quiet voices.

During some parts of the liturgy we’ll use gestures and signs to

communicate rather than group speaking or singing. And each week you will be prompted to create content that will form parts of the prayers or proclamation.


We will have music!

An assigned singer (cantor) will carry the tunes. It will be okay for you to hum or sing quietly along (into your mask). What’s new is that we’ll be asking you to contribute to the music in surprising ways.


We will have communion!

Walking up the center aisle to receive the sacrament will feel familiar. The actual receiving of the elements will be arranged so that we maintain appropriate distance and avoid touching.


We will have intimacy!

One of the reasons people are eager to worship in person is to be with and see other people. Even though we won’t be able to pass the peace by touch, our seating will be arranged so that during worship we will see each other and be able to gesture to each other.


And there are a few things we can’t do.

We can’t pass the offering plates. But plates will be located at entrance and exit.