The King's Chimers: Tone chime group

See and hear the King's Chimers in action, Jan. 2017, playing “What Is This Lovely Fragrance” (Healey Willan)


  • To instruct young people in how to play tone chimes,

  • To provide music for services,

  • And, to give the various ages of youth grades 3 -12 an opportunity to get know each other better and work together.



Karen Magley



Chimers this year have included Kierstin Anderson, Emily Buckingham, Kim Buckingham, Michael Buckingham, Sarah Buckingham, Charlotte Carbaugh, Maya Chowdhary, Thomas Kalka, Ailie McMillan, Grace Moore, Julia Moore, Nick Spoto, Julia Toloczko,



Practices are held between services during the summer months and on some holiday week-ends.  From September through mid-January, practices are usually held on Sunday afternoons at about 5 p.m.  There are no practices held from mid-January through late April.


Upcoming activities

The chimers are playing for summer worship services.

How to get involved

Call or email Karen Magley (703) 430-8488