Christ the King Lutheran Church (CtK) is an instrument of God’s grace. Our vision is to be a vibrant community of Jesus’ disciples, empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring God’s grace into our world. Our mission is to welcome all and to equip Christian disciples to share God’s love and grace through worship, prayer, relationship, learning, giving, and serving. Within our mission, we desire to serve as an outreach to the community and foster relationships with community organizations. This includes making our facility available to individuals, groups, and organizations as provided for by this policy document. 


This document is for one-time or short-term usage of the facility by church members or outside individuals or groups. We ask that you follow this guide and sign and return the Property Use Agreement and Release Form. A copy of the approved form will be returned to you.  


Requests for facility use are handled by the church office. No commitment for facility use is approved until the Use Agreement has been approved and executed by the Property Committee Chairman and the Sr. Pastor of Christ the King (the Pastor’s approval may be delegated to the Office Administrator.  


The congregation reserves the right to renegotiate all usage agreements at any time without prior notice.


Building Use Policy and usage request