Christ the King Constitutional Revision

Every three years the Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) amends the Model Constitution for Congregations. The Model is the basis the constitutions of all congregations in the ELCA. The Synod Council of the Metropolitan D.C. Synod, of which Christ the King is a part, reviewed the Model Constitution made necessary decisions, and has now requested that the congregations of the synod update their constitutions so that they are aligned with the amended Model.

The Congregation Council of Christ the King appointed a Constitution and Bylaw Committee to review the 2019 Model Constitution, incorporate the required changes, and make recommendations about sections where congregations are allowed to make their own decisions on the wording. On November 18, the committee presented its draft to the council, who approved it.

The next steps involve the whole congregation. At our winter meeting (late January or early February) we will approve the amended constitution. At that meeting, voting members may propose changes to the document. Whatever document the congregation approves at that meeting will then be ratified (with no changes) at the following meeting (in early June).

The proposed Constitution (and an accompanying piece that explains some of the changes) will be available for your review in two ways. Electronic versions of the two documents are below.

Paper copies of the two documents will be posted in holders on the information wall in the rear vestibule (the parking lot entrance to the building).

Proposed Constitution

Constitutional changes explained

The Constitution Committee is also planning two information sessions in January for those who want to delve deeper into the document. Watch for those dates soon.